9-30-2019 Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis giving us hope!

“For the first two months I was like suicidal,” he said. “Really, it can drive you absolutely crazy…I had to figure something out. So creatively, I got involved in our musical.”

— Huey Lewis in the San Francisco Chronicle

Hello all! Welcome to the first blog post here at MyMenieres.com!

We will be taking a look at a wide variety of different topics each week, but we had some inspirational news in the world of Ménière’s this week, and it was too good to pass up for our first post. Singer/songwriter Huey Lewis who was diagnosed with Ménière’s last year, is releasing a new album!


Huey’s Sports album from 1983 went platinum with four different songs on the top 100. The “Power Of Love” hit number 1 on the billboard chart in 1985 and was featured, along with a cameo of Huey, in Back to the Future

In a People’s Magazine article in April 2018, it was noted that Huey was dealing with the effects of Ménière’s and as a result of the impact to his hearing, was unable to identify notes and could not tour anymore. A second article published with the San Francisco Chronicle noted that Huey would have a good day or two followed by a month of symptoms. While this may not be true for all Ménière’s sufferers, I can certainly agree with that false hope of two days of no symptoms followed by the ringing, ear fullness and migraine symptoms that all come back without warning can certainly be disappointing and demoralizing. 

When Huey talks about the depression in the Chronicle article, it is something we have all faced especially when it feels like you are at the point where you are averaging two to three severe attacks a week. Or when that tinnitus just will not let you get that sleep that is so crucial to keeping your symptoms in check.

It was suggested that the new album may not include a tour. While not mentioned either article, we all know that loud noise, bright lights, and stress can trigger those awful vertigo attacks as well as making that tinnitus worse.

The new album is due out soon but the single is available on his website now: http://www.hueylewisandthenews.com/

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