From a box cornbread

In our house, my wife handles most of the cooking, and I handle the breakfast and baking. We will review some of her excellent low-sodium recipes for BBQ in future blogs, today we will focus on a baked side for that BBQ.

As is typical of most prepared foods (including those in boxes) the sodium is through the roof on just about all of these. But when you are having some low-sodium BBQ and you are still under 700 you are going to want that treat.

Sodium Content comparisons

Some mixes come in super high in sodium – Jiffy is a whopping 340 per serving – the per serving is always key, but even with the sizing similar Jiffy is still one of the highest mixes. Not to be outdone Krusteaz comes in at 390 a serving. Zatarains mix is at 350.

Our winner is Famous Dave’s which only hits 190 a serving. The serving size roughly matches the Krusteaz and Zatarians and is slightly smaller than the Jiffy.

Ease of Preparation

The mix takes into consideration using one egg as part of the recipe, and is very simple to make. You want to make sure you don’t overmix the batter, but beyond that – this took less than ten minutes to prepare.


The result is a sweet, buttery, moist cornbread that tastes very close to the “real” thing. A little no salt butter (which hopefully should not add any sodium) will add a little more flavor but is not necessary. This recipe holds up to refrigeration well, and no taste or texture was lost after a few days in the fridge.


For low-sodium diets, this treat is hard to beat for taste, ease of preparation and sodium content.

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