Saturday Morning French Toast

If you like a good Saturday morning breakfast like I do, I was a little down after thinking breakfast was going to consist of shredded wheat for the remainder of time. Thankfully there are some good low-sodium alternatives out there. Today we are going to look at my recipe for French Toast.

Bread Selection

Believe it or not there is actually a bread at the Walmart that works really well for this – the Sliced Brioche comes in at 130 per slice, so you get the great taste of a brioche bread, and it’s low sodium. Keep it in the fridge overnight so it will not be as soft when making the french toast.

The batter

This was fairly simple I use five eggs (70 each) which will get you 12 slices of french toast.

Combine the eggs with a third of a cup of milk (53 for the 1/3 cup). Add a teaspoon of vanilla (0) and one tablespoon of cinnamon (0). Keep the cinnamon handy, we’ll come back to that. Give that all a good stir and we are ready to start dipping

Onto the flat-top we go

Coat each side of your chilled Brioche and onto the flat top until the bottom is golden brown, then flip. Generally about six slices will fit onto the flat-top and once those six are on put in another tablespoon of cinnamon (otherwise those that eat the first few slices get all the cinnamon).

Once both sides are golden brown you are ready to go. Most of the direct from Vermont type syrups have 0 sodium, but it does not hurt to check the label before you buy. The beauty of the Brioche is that it does not really need butter, but you can always add a no or low salt butter if you desire.

The details

So for this breakfast you are limited to three slice if you want a side of bacon (we’ll get into the bacon battle at a later date, but most of the low sodium variety comes in at around 160). Each slice will equal 163.5 assuming the sodium on the milk you are using is similar to mine. Three slices will put you at 490 with just enough room for the bacon.

Enjoy your Saturday morning treat!

Next up we’ll take a look at a semi-store bought pizza option.

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